Alternative Lung Cancer Treatments: What Alternatives Will Work For Me?

If one has types of food allergens or sensitivities, it is best to completely remove these items from your diet. If these problematic foods are beneficial in some way, then it is important to find other alternatives of the same compounds. If you need calcium or vitamin D in your diet but have allergies to milk, then you need to find these vitamins in other ways.

Sensitivities to foods can cause an unhealthy pH balance in your body and even yeast or candida environments. It is proven that cancers can be directly linked to these fungi in the body and overly acidic environments as well. Changing your diet in this way definitely impacts your bodies acceptance to lung cancer cures that are now available.

Helpful foods in fighting cancers can be as simple as apples, tomatoes and carrots. They have compounds, which greatly reduce the risk of cancers and fight cancer-causing agents even if you smoke. Parsley eaten on a daily basis can activate enzymes in the body that naturally detoxify your system and reduce lung tumors from forming. Adding spices to your diet is also very beneficial. Turmeric can activate genes in your body that are considered to be cancer disablers and aids in fighting cancer in the lungs directly.

Can I Reverse the Damage Caused by Smoking?

If you are a smoker of course it is highly recommended that you stop as quickly as possible, although some spices such as cayenne pepper, if implemented into your diet on a daily basis, can stop the chemicals tobacco smoke produces from converting into its carcinogenic state that damages the lungs. You only need to add a tablespoon to your daily menu when cooking. Aloe is a plant that supports the same function as the cayenne pepper and combined alternative lung cancer treatments are definitely supported. The aloe gel or liquid, if consumed daily on the average of a quarter cup can stop this chemical reaction. Aloe can increase diarrhea so it is not safe if you are having loose bowel movements.

Some helpful herbs recommended for fighting cancer are easily found and can be added to your diet. Cat’s Claw if taken in tincture form at the recommended dose, added to a half cup of water with one teaspoon of lemon juice is considered an immune stimulant. This herb has great reports of even helping patients into remission from lung cancers. Use this herb wisely and not at all if, you have diabetic issues and use insulin. Astragulus is also helpful in lung cancer curesand considered to be a “cancer killer.“

Alternative Aids

Other substances such as concentrated forms of soy iso-flavones can encourage the death of cancer cells. There are several dietary aids that can be beneficial in not only preventing lung cancers but also curing cancers. Boosting immune levels with these supplements can help one survive devastating chemotherapy treatments, which wreak havoc on your healthy cells. Try to include your doctor in your diet choices. Moreover, if you feel it may be helpful also seek the advice of a nutritional specialist or alternative health care provider.