Lotto Dominator Review. Will Richards Lustig’s algorithms make you rich?

Is the lotto a game of chance and luck or can I study it to make myself rich?

Is the author trying to scam the public? This Lotto Dominator Review will take a closer look of the claims made by the author. I will give you real opinions based on fact not fiction.

Richard Lutig claims that Lotto is the same as any other gambling game found in any casino anywhere in the world. He says that you can analyze numerical games. It is a calculated formula to raise the odds of you winning.

Richard Lustig is the jackpot winner of many lottery games. Many say his winning streak is pure luck only, but he says differently.

Lustig claims that the Lotto Dominator was created to give back to the public. He knows the Lotto will always be played and views this is a tax on the poor man. Lotto is a lucrative game to shut down, so the government will keep taking your money.

Lotto is a game of odds. Normally odds that are so high it is virtually impossible for you to win the game. Richard Lustig wants to share his secret with you.

Lotto Dominator. What do you get for your money?

You will receive a program that states making your odds better will give you more chances, letting you become a winner. However, you do need to study the game for a few weeks before your odds will increase.

The formula will predict the numbers you need to play by analyzing previous day or weeks winning numbers. Richard Lustig claims by playing different numbers at each game will only ensure you lose your money.

The system has been purposely design not to expose you to large losses and your maximum outlay should only be around $20 per game.

He claims the Lotto Dominator is easy to use. However, it does state it is important not to skip any step in your research, as this is the key to win.

Richard Lustig makes a huge claim stating once you have mastered the program, you should be winning two to three times every month. If you are fortunate, you may hit the Jackpot!

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Lotto Dominator Advantages

  • Claims you can win the lotto two or three times a month;
  • Claims to be very easy to use;
  • Works on many games increasing your chances of higher winnings;
  • Richard Lustig is a proof the system work for him;
  • It has a low cost compared with monthly winnings;

This all sound so perfect, but wait a minute why have not more people come forward espousing the greatness of this product. Is that just a coincidence? Maybe some winners are just private and want to keep the secret to themselves.

On the other hand, is there something untoward going on here?

I did say that in this Lotto Dominator Review I would give you an unbiased opinion.

Lotto Dominator Disadvantages

  • Claims that you need to spend a month studying before winning;
  • Success is based on your execution of the formula;
  • You need to do a lot of analysis;
  • You will need to purchase tickets from multiple stores;
  • You need to speculate more money every day to increase your chances of winning;

Richard Lustig has won the Lotto jackpot seven times. That, in itself says something remarkable about his system or his luck.

I find myself repeatedly asking the same question, if this really works then why would you sell this product for a small price? Surely, Wall Street is full of calculating gamblers, who would happily pay thousands if not more for this formula.

I am sure the casinos in Las Vegas would love to get their hands on this formula and then lock it in the deepest basement for all time. They do not encourage shortening the odds.

Why are there so many negative reviews about the product? Is it because all of the purchasers failed in their diligence to execute the correct procedure to win?

Why has the product been re-launched many times under a different name?

Where to purchase?

You can purchase online from the sellers website It is also available elsewhere should you wish to search.

Lotto Dominator costs $147.

All major credit cards are accepted and secure payment is through clickbank.


This Lotto Dominator Review finds the claims and product to be dubious if not downright fraudulent.

Richard Lustig won the lotto multiple times. I do not doubt that. Wikipedia gives his alleged financial information if you find that a reliable source.

Appearing on morning chat shows on cable TV is not really an indication of success either.

If you dig deeper and really do your research about this man, you will find that he is reportedly in debt. Consequently, this could be a scam. Not only is it a scam operated out of a small island in the Mediterranean, Malta, that is not known for being a tax haven.

So ask yourself why operate your business from Malta? It is not for tax purposes for sure. They follow the British tax system, which I suspect is more burdensome than the American tax system.

Richard Lustig’s eBook does not comply with UK law due to its dubious lack of content and misuse of the 1990 computer act.

Ask yourself. Do you really want to pay $197 and receive some tips and a few pep talks?

Personally, I have never read so many negative comments about a person or the eBook written by Richard Lustig.

Look, I understand gambling can be fun. Would it not be fantastic if we hit the lotto Jackpot? Our lives would change forever. Most people dream of not having financial worries, driving the car of their choice. It is all very natural to want the best in life.

The truth is, there is a very dark side to gambling and it is addictive. Please be careful and only gamble what you can afford.

Richard Lustig’s book will not shorten your odds!

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