Roaring Wild with Plenty of Katy Perry’s Wardrobe Malfunctions

Katy Perry has been churning hit after hit since she first came out with her breakthrough single ‘I Kissed a Girl’ in 2008. However, Perry is also known for putting on risqué performances. Aside from this she has also suffered from some unfortunate events. She has been known to display, knowingly and unknowingly, her almost perfect figure. Here are some of the most unfortunate Katy Perry wardrobe malfunctions caught in photos.

This photo shows the singer wearing a coat. However, she was just wearing half of it. The other half of her body is very much exposed.

Despite having a quirky and funny personality, Perry can take on a sophisticated look with ease. The photo above shows our hit maker all glammed up.

This is another of those embarrassing Katy Perry wardrobe malfunctions where her skirt just went down when she bent forward and exposed her underwear to the public.

Another incident that involves Perry’s now famous behind was snapped when a blast of air blew her skirt up and exposed what was underneath.

The photo shows the star wearing a see through number, which did not exactly compliment her. It was a malfunction of the epic kind.

Perry seems to love skirts. She unknowingly showed her behind and underwear while bending over to take a look at something on her car.

Again, another incident involving a skirt that rode way up high to expose her butt cheeks and her panties. This is getting to be a habit.

This is no accident. Perry spent time on the beach and decided to go au naturel for a photo. It shows her nude with just fish net stockings on.

Her jolly personality led her to take on a wave pool in a two piece bikini. It seems that she was having so much fun while riding the waves.

That ride however, led to an almost total wardrobe malfunction. Seen above is Perry almost losing her bottom, which totally exposed her butt.