The Natural Cure to Tinnitus and Dementia: Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Review

Tinnitus is a crippling condition wherein the victim suffers from often loud hissing, roaring, or ringing sounds in the ear despite the absence of which in the external environment. To date, about two million Americans who suffer from Severe Disabling Tinnitus or SDT, whose symptoms include hearing loss, memory loss, confusion, and, to worse extents, anxiety and depression.

While there have been many attempts to solve this prevalent illness, no mainstream medical prescription has actually solved it. However, one ordinary man whose wife suffers from SDT found a natural solution to this common disease, which we will discuss in this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) review.

Who is Todd Carson?

Todd Carson’s wife Jo suffered from SDT ten years ago. Like the two million Americans with tinnitus, the Carsons regularly visited their doctor in hopes for curing Jo. However, instead of getting better, her condition only got progressively worse.

Jo soon developed hypersensitivity to normal every day sounds, a condition called hyperacusis, and eventually became more and more irritable, confused, and showed signs of severe memory loss. Not only did she succumb to depression and anxiety, she was also diagnosed with dementia at a young age of 46.

Todd, then a military police officer, was suspicious of their doctors, who brushed aside Jo’s worsening condition and who could only prescribe antidepressants instead of curing the tinnitus itself.

How did Todd Carson Discover the Natural Cure?

During his assignments in Okinawa, Todd Carson decided to head offshore to the small island of Tonaki. It is there where he met an old woman, who despite being 73 and being exposed to the destructive Battle of Okinawa as a child, never suffered from tinnitus.

The old woman gave him a list of food that make up the Okinawan diet, and he later discovered that it is the nutrients in these food that do not just prevent tinnitus, but are also the key to the locals’ longevity and good health.

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The Real Causes of Tinnitus

Upon receiving the recipes from the Japanese old woman in Tonaki, Okinawa, Todd Carson discovered in his researches that the real cause of tinnitus is the degeneration of a nerve fat called myelin sheath, which surround auditory nerves that are directly in charge for sending signals to and from the brain for us to perceive sounds.

The degeneration of myelin sheath is caused by a number of factors, which include smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, and oxidative stress. This destruction of fats causes the sound signals to scramble, produce interference, and thus cause the relentless ringing that tinnitus patients suffer from.

However, Todd Carson found out that the degeneration of the myelin sheath, called neurodegeneration, is reversible, primarily by eating food that contain nutrients that can restore and even strengthen myelin sheaths.

The Three Main Ingredients of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Recipes

There are three main food that are central to the diet of the locals at Tonaki, which have made them strong against neurodegeneration. These are:

  • Purple sweet potatoes. The Okinawan purple sweet potatoes, known locally as Imo, contain high amounts of quercetin, a potent phytonutrient and antioxidant that has been proven to restore degeneration in the myelin sheath.
  • Kombu is a bright green seaweed that contains cobalamin, which is in charge the production of myelin sheaths. Since the human body does not produce its own cobalamin, it is essential to include this in everyday meals, most especially since 40% of adults in the US were found to have a cobalamin deficiency.
  • Natto is a sticky fermented soybean snack that contains high levels of lecithin, a component of myelin. This strengthens the nerve fat.

How Does Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Work?

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is a 21-day regimen that only requires users to follow a simple recipe in the form of a smoothie. Blending down the ingredients to a smoothie makes them easier to be absorbed by the body and therefore gives the fastest results.

Besides the three nutrients mentioned above, the protocol includes nine other ingredients that all help in restoring and strengthening myelin sheaths, which Todd Carson collectively calls the Tinnitus 12.

Does Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Have Side Effects?

Since the protocol only uses natural ingredients, it has no real side effects unlike medical drugs that are found to contribute to myelin sheath degeneration.

Before releasing it to the public, the Carsons gathered a group of tinnitus patients who were willing to try the natural treatment for free. 100% of the testers showed progress in as early as the 14th day, and have gotten better. The protocol is thus tried and tested.

Where to Buy Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson)

The protocol has a value easily around $1,000. However, since Todd Carson swore that he will help as much tinnitus patients as much as possible, he offers the protocol for just $37. You may get yours using this link.

To date, there are about 50,000 people who have benefited from this. There are several Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) reviews in the US that supports this.

Besides getting the protocol, this one-time purchase includes freebies that you will receive upon purchase. These are:

The Binaural Beats for Tinnitus Audio Series

The binaural beats therapy has been proven to reduce tinnitus symptoms by 50%. This may be used while waiting for the protocol to take effect. This therapy is widely used and users report to have a reduction in interference and disturbance by 47%.

This is valued at $55.95, but comes completely free of charge with the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol.

The Yoga for Tinnitus Video Series

Because yoga is shown to promote blood circulation in the body, it is also found to reduce tinnitus symptoms and reduce stress, which leads to neurodegeneration. The exercises included in this are simple and easy to follow, and is led by a certified yogi.

The market price of this is $37.95 but once again, is free when you purchase the protocol.

Tinnitus Trigger Foods

After seven months of intensive research, Todd Carson and his medical researcher friend Stan Shaw listed foods that trigger tinnitus and its symptoms. These foods contain free radicals that are proven to damage the myelin sheath and not only worsens tinnitus, but also exposes you to a higher risk of dementia and depression.

This comes for free despite its market value at $29.

100% Refunding Guarantee

Purchasing the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) comes with a 60-day risk-free money 100% money-back guarantee.

So, do I recommend it?

Based on on my Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) review above, I am definitely recommending it. Why not? The protocol has been tried and tested; it is not expensive, and it comes with a money back guarantee. There are far more positive reviews in the net than negative ones.

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