Heart Defense Review. Is it true, real doctor or a quack?

Let us in this Heart Defense Review look at the credibility of the claims made by Dr. Steven Gundry. We will also look at some other claims of quackery on his behalf claimed by other heart surgeons.

Dr. Grundy is a heart surgeon who has been a leader in his field for more than 40 years. During this time, he has been innovative in the area of heart surgery. He transplanted a pig’s heart into a Baboon: the Baboon survived for a month.

His innovations have included new techniques for heart valve repair.

He has been recognized by his peers and received awards for his techniques and innovation in heart surgery.

To further his cause, he has two clinics in California, USA where he uses groundbreaking nutritional methods to improve your health and reverse certain heart related conditions.

Dr. Steven Grundy claims that his biggest honor is to share with us a way to reverse the years of damage to the heart caused by living an unhealthy life style. He proposed to this by verifying the benefits of certain ingredients. Some found on a remote island named the San Blas Islands: they are located close to the Panama Canal.

The inhabitants of the San Blas Island are known as Kuna. It was observed that despite regular indulgent island feast the Kuna people never gained weight. Additionally, they looked 25 years younger than their American did or European counterparts did. Why was this?

Dr. Steven Grundy discovered there were certain constituent ingredients that were powerful. Not only the ingredients slowed the ageing process but the ingredients also keep you healthy: in particular your heart health.

Now these claims could have something to do with genes of the Kuna people. However, it was soon realized that a well functioning heart pumps masses of oxygenated blood and this was the key to the vitality of the Kuna.

Will Heart Defense reverse years of use damage to my body?

According to Dr. Steven Grundy, this regimen will reverse the effects of damage to your heart. Not only will it reverse the effect of to your heart you will start to feel younger and become revitalized.

This Heart Defense Review will share the renowned medicinal ingredients with you. One of the ingredients the Kuna people used was raw cocoa. For generation, scientists have tested raw Cocoa. In addition, the scientist concluded the raw Cocoa has many benefits particularly heart benefits. We have all heard the benefit of consuming 90% Cocoa chocolate to help our hearts stay healthy.

The key chemical in Cocoa is Flavanols. Flavonols trigger other chemical processes in our body that neutralize free radicals. These free radicals are documents to cause a number of health problems, some serious if not kept in check with a good diet.

Coffee fruit is another ingredient used. Not the caffeine part but the whole fruit; it is rich in antioxidants and brain enhancing properties. It will make you look and feel better claims Dr. Steven Grundy.

Heart Defense Ingredients

It is important to state that all the ingredients used in this supplement are completely natural and found in nature. They have been scientifically mixed and prepared to give you the complete natural effects of the supplement. Maximizing the results to your heart and over all sense of well being.

  • Chicory root
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee fruit
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Flaxseed

There is more proprietary ingredient. However, the ingredients listed all contain powerful health improving benefits to your heart and body.

Each individual ingredient is known separately for its positive effects on heart health.

Heart Defense Disadvantages

  • Little online customer feed back
  • Could cause mild stomach irritation
  • Not FDA approved
  • Site pushes the supplement
  • Grundy no longer works in heart surgery

People do say some negative things about the supplement. I can understand why but let us look at the facts.

How many supplements on the market today a heart surgeon with 40 years experience has developed? How many supplement developers have received awards by the medical profession for his innovative work?

I can probably answer for you but you already know the answers to the questions.

Where can I purchase Heart Defense?

As with most good products, you can purchase through www.amazon.com. Alternatively, you can purchase through the sellers website www.gundrymd.com.

There are bulk discount offers. One container costs $49.45, three containers cost $134.85 and six containers costs $259.70. The later being the best value.

All major credit cards accepted and a secure payment system is in place for your security.


While writing this Heart Defense Review I have tried to be unbiased and give you an honest appraisal of the supplement. I have ignored the distracters and come to my own conclusions.

It is my opinion that you cannot ignore Dr. Steven Gundry’s credentials. His peers for the innovative work he performed as a leading heart surgeon receiving awards have acclaimed him. I think as a layperson, his achievements should not be ridicule and to that end, he should neither be ridicule for producing a supplement.

If we were honest, if taking a supplement would reverse the effects of heart disease then would you not try it and evaluate the supplement yourself? What is the cost of heart surgery? Financially and emotionally, the list goes on.

I know there are so many miraculous claims online regarding the benefits of supplements and very few would I endorse.

In other words, I feel it would be fool hardy to ignore Dr. Steven Gundy’s claims given his outstanding resume. This supplement is worth trying and I certainly will purchase.

I should note it is important to seek medical advice from your doctor before taking any supplements, natural or otherwise.

There is some evidence if you suffer from diabetes, one of the ingredients may not be suitable for you to take. Other than this statement, no side effects are noted.