The Faith Diet Review: Be Blessed and Look Your Best

Many diet fads have come and gone, and only a few were able to stay. It is because most of them were not backed by science. Weight loss programs exist because many people are overweight and are trying to lose weight. Fitness should not be a concern of aesthetics but more so, of improving health and the quality of life.

In this post of The Faith Diet reviews, you will be introduced to a new and promising weight loss program that will surely catch your attention. It is different in such a way that it is based from the Holy Bible, thus the name.

What is The Faith Diet About?

It might be the first time you have heard about a Bible-based weight loss program, but you’ve seen it right. The Faith Diet is based on the Bible, which the author says has provided secrets and even ingredients that are key to achieving a well-balanced diet and healthy life. The lifestyle of people today has a lot to do with them being overweight and obese, and this is something that has to be addressed immediately if we do not want to waste our life in hospital bed.

The author and his wife believe that strong faith and belief in the scriptures are key to maintaining a healthy and high quality way of life. However, he didn’t write the details in such a way that users will be confused or bored, because he has presented instructions and even ingredients in a way that are easy to follow and apply. If you want to remove toxins and unwanted fats from your body, you have to listen to what the author Simon White has to say.

Who is the Creator of The Faith Diet?

The digital product was created by Simon White or Father White, a former chaplain on the US military. As a man of God, he has always strived to live a life according to the scripture. He is not just a missionary but also a fitness advocate for he believes in taking care of the body that Christ has given humankind. He wanted to help people live a higher quality of life that is why he created the program to help and inspire many other people.

White has discovered ingredients written in the Bible from the Red Sea, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee. He claims that the atheists have declared an unholy war against the scripture and that his discoveries could shut down million dollar pharmaceutical businesses.

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What to Expect from The Faith Diet

The author writes in detail about the 12 ingredients that can melt fat stored in your belly. These key ingredients can help you achieve a balanced diet and be free from the embarrassment of having a bulging tummy. You will be surprised to know about some “holy fats” you can add to your diet to help you lose weight.

This is quite similar to good cholesterol that the body actually needs. White also emphasizes the importance of proper proportioning in your diet. Every meal should have the right amount of nutrients that you supply your body.

Additionally, White doesn’t believe in heavy, intensive workouts but in making exercise more fun and enjoyable for everyone to put it into practice. He talks more about how you can get rid of belly fat the permanent way by changing your diet and workout routines.

He also wants you to learn how to increase your energy, tone your muscles and lose weight. Healthy recipes complete with ingredient lists and sample meals are also provided. It will not tell you not to eat to lose weight but how to eat to lose weight.

Expect to learn how to curb your appetite, to listen to the Holy Spirit to guide you in what you should eat and more importantly, how to fight overeating. This is important for you to have the motivation to continue the journey to being fit and healthy.

The product includes a secret guide to boost your energy levels, a guide on improving yourself by eating better, feeling sexier and more confident. It also includes a step-by-step plan on proper eating to lose weight easily and lose fat without heavy exercises. Finally, it provides a 21-day timetable for all that is required in your body for proper nutrition proportion.

What Benefits Can you Get Out of the Program


  • Weight loss without strict diets: starving is not the key but smart eating
  • Simple to follow: everything is written in detail for the author wants a program that anyone can follow
  • Bonuses: the bonuses that come with the purchase make it a great deal
  • Fits busy lifestyles: no need to take hours of workouts or meal preparations for there is a meal plan you can make ahead or a 3-minute exercise
  • Money back guarantee: you have nothing to lose for you can get your money back


  • It is available in digital format. As of now, there is no physical product so you have to download it from their website.
  • Results may vary. Individuals have different body types so there is no guarantee that results will be the same for everyone.

Does The Faith Diet Really Works? Here are the Results

We’ve searched online for verified The Faith Diet reviews and were surprised to see how it worked for many users. Most of them are happy to have found a diet that worked for them. It is not easy to go on a diet, but this one was designed to be doable.

Additionally, many of them are happy to be slimmer and healthier than they used to be. They felt better even if they are older and even felt younger. They only have good words to say about it.

Where to Buy The Faith Diet

You can order from

It only costs $37, for the Faith Diet system and four bonus products.

Final Recommendation

It is easy to see diet plans and programs online, on magazines and journals. This could be the first Bible-based weight loss system. The price and principles behind this product make it worth the purchase. You can see that the author is sincere in sharing the valuable information of the best way to being fit and staying fit.

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