Unlock Your Hip Flexor Review. Does anyone believe it is a scam?

Today, I will look at the very interesting subject of hip and back pain in this Unlock Your Hip Flexor Review will take an objective look at the claims made by the both authors of the book.

Hip and back pain along with all the other associated areas affected by this condition are common around the world, especially with the more active people at a younger age. However, it can strike to anyone and cause excruciating pain.

Normally, when suffering from hip locking and lower back pain you would refrain from exercise to give your muscles a chance to recover. If the symptoms persist, you may be tempted to see your doctor (in my opinion the very worst option you can take). You could opt to see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor.

I have had personal experience of all three and the later two achieved the best results. However, some joint mobility never comes back fully; and if it does, it soon returns to your new state of aches and pains.

Well, let us look at the authors and their motivation to write the book.

Two men wrote the Unlock Your Hip Flexors. The first Rick Kaselj had his own battles with injuries from training and he got to the point that he needed to find the solution. He took the view from science every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We all remember that from our physics lessons.

Rick had become friends with a kettle bell instructor, a fellow named Mike Westerdal. Westerdal knew a lot about training and physiology. Together they co-wrote the book using the experiences from both sides of the scale – Rick suffering pain and having restricted movement and Mike being well versed in anatomy.

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How will I benefit from buying this book?

If you have back and hip pain it is more likely as a side effect of these pains, you will suffer other pains such as knee joint pain or shoulder and neck pain.

The premise of the book is that the muscles in our lower back need to operate sequentially. What do I mean? Along each side of the spine is a muscle that keeps us upright. When we are young and have supple bodies we can sit stand twist without causing damage.

Now advance 30 years. Try to stand from a low sitting position and twist at the same time. Particularly in low sitting when we stand our back muscles become under a high stress load. Not all stress loads go through your quadriceps. Do you follow where I am going with this?

Some of that load is transmitted directly to your back muscles that are not intended to lift your body weight from a seating position; add in a twist or flex and you are on your way to skeletal muscular problems. We do not realize how posture is vital to the health of our muscles.

What are the consequences of poor posture?

Poor posture is responsible for a high percentage of our muscular problems. It causes our bodies to deal with so many problems including insomnia, poor digestion, anxiety and just general physical poor performance.

Here is the interesting part. If you can fix the underlying problem then the other issues will invariably improve.

How will the book help me?

The book will guide you through the process to enable you greater mobility. The book will teach you that at any age it is possible to restore your movement without pain.

This Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review is providing details of the program and how you will benefit from engaging in the exercise routines.

It is not enough for you to stretch and touch your toes a dozen times a day and expect results.

Do you remember what I said earlier? Isaac Newton tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We need to synchronize the muscle movements so they can work in unison flexing and contracting together.

There are three elements to muscle stability:

  • Core strength. It is achieved by working the abdominal including the oblique abdominal muscles. This is the key to overall strength and muscle stability.
  • Dynamic exercise routines. Dynamic workouts promote blood flow to certain areas of your body affected by stress related strains. Dynamic is a simple technique and the book will guide you through.
  • Muscle conditioning. Muscle condition is strength training. This does not mean you will spend hours in the gym; mini workouts every day will have the desired effect. It takes minutes not hours.

Is the book full of medical terms I cannot understand?

No, the book assumes its readers are not medical students it is put together in such a way that you will understand clearly, what is required to put your body back on the right track.

Not only does the book guide you through the steps needed in a logical sequence the book comes with a DVD that explains fully some of the more integral elements of the program.

What are these benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexor?

The book in logical sections, it is easy to follow. You will become pain free after a short time. Your digestion will improve and your levels of anxiety will decrease.

What are the negatives?

I could find no negatives apart from you need to be motivated to start the regime, if pain in your joints is not enough to get you started then this book is not for you.

Where can I buy the book?

You can buy the book from www.unlockyourhipflexors.com. It costs $D50.00.


This Unlock Your Hip Flexor Review has provided an impartial review so you can make that important decision to buy or not.

If you live in pain and you want to do something about it, do not hesitate to become part of this program. It is scientifically sound in all of its assumptions.

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